Get Smart Upgrade to a SmartBoard Interactive Whiteboard
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SmartBoard is the world’s most popular interactive SmartBoard and its had a face lift! Crisp white colored interactive board frame.

Durable Hard Touch interactive Surface and Dual Touch Recognition, making the Smart Board SB M680 and Smartboard SB M685 more user friendly and Smarter than ever.

Download the Smart M600 User Manual here.

SmartBoard M680 and Smart M685 Series interactive boards.

SmartBoard M 680 interactive whiteboards for schools. Smart M 680 77" Diagonal High Resolution Interactive board is designed specifically for interactive teaching and presentation applications. This low profile Smart Board interactive whiteboard  combines a premium Dual Touch experience with Pen or Finger and the power of SMART Notebook Software on a 77" Diagonal) Board.

Pick up a pen and write:
New interactive technology of the Smartboard M680 allows 2 users to pick up a pen and write on the board simultaneously, select colors or other functions at the press of a button or from the on screen tool bar.

Save your ideas:
Capture your work to SMART Notebook software as a screen shot that you can edit, or save your notes directly into several software applications, including Windows versions of Microsoft Power Point, Word and Excel, or AutoCAD software.

With a full dual touch collaboration and a hard touch surface supporting freestyle interaction, it allows for a truly collaborative experience.

Smart Board SB 600 Series.
SB 480 (Single Point Touch)
77" Diagonal Screen
Std Presentation 4:3 Smart Board

SB M680 (Dual Touch)
77" Diagonal Screen
Std Presentation 4:3 Smart Board

SB M685 (Dual Touch)
87" Diagonal Screen
Wide Screen 16:10 Smart board

Smart Board SB 800 Series.

SB X880 (4 Point Touch)
77" Diagonal Screen
Std Presentation 4:3 Smart Board

SB X885 (4 Point Touch)
87" Diagonal Screen
Wide Screen 16:10 Smart board

Smart 600I6 - SB M680 + UF70

Smart Board SB M680 Replaces the older style Smart Board SB560, SB580, SB660 and SB680 interactive board that previously had a soft touch surface and Black or Light Grey frame (77" Diagonal is now the smallest standard 600 series Smart Board available) 

Dual Touch

Dual-touch capability for two simultaneous touches meaning Students and Teachers can now collaborate together and wright onto the Smartboard at the same time as each other using pens, fingers or other suitable objects.

Smart Board Touch and gestures.

Write, erase and perform mouse functions using a finger or pen.

Intuitive gestures such as toss, rotate and zoom are also supported.

Freestyle interaction.
The Smart Board M Series free style interaction system enables two students to instantly start working together without having to switch to a multi-user mode or work in confined areas of the surface.

SmartBoard M680 can be used to upgrade any brand of interactive board including older smart boards SB560, SB580, SB660 and SB680 without too much fuss and palaver. We install and sell all Smart Products but if we don't cover your area for installation we can still provide sales direct to education and installation advice and support by phone.

SMART Notebook collaborative learning software.
The standard Education software for creating, delivering and managing all of your interactive lessons, you can also Save, Print or Email notes or content created during the lesson to share with students. You can even or create a tutorial or presentation video of of the lesson, all within a single application.

SMART Ink™SMART Ink is accurate and smoothes out digital ink to improve legibility as you write over applications, websites and videos.

Smartboard SB480
Smartboard SB480 interactive whiteboard
Smartboard SB M680
Smartboard SB M680 interactive whiteboard
Smartboard SB M685
Smartboard SB M685 interactive whiteboard

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