Qwisdom Oktopus Interactive Touch Screen Software.


Qwisdom Oktopus Interactive Touch Screen Software

Designed For Interactive Touch Screens

Qwisdom Oktopus is an interactive presentation and collaboration software designed for use with any interactive whiteboard, interactive projector and any interactive touch screen flat panel display.

Interactive Presentation and Collaboration

OKTOPUS allows you to annotate and work over Any Content or alongside Any software application so that you can Present to any audience, in corporate and learning environments.

Qwisdom Octopus annotation
Qwisdom Octopus annotation
Qwisdom Octopus Collaboration
Qwisdom Octopus Collaboration
Qwisdom Octopus Poll
Qwisdom Octopus Polling
  • Annotate over your existing content.
  • Annotate over ANY application.
  • Annotate over ANY web browser Page.
  • Share and collaborate over documents.
  • Poll entire audiences and collect valuable feedback instantly.

Cross Platform

Qwizdom OKTOPUS works on Windows and Mac OS X
The Qwizdom Notes+ app is also available for iOS, Android, and Windows.

Import .iwb files

Just in case you are wondering, yes Qwisdom Oktopus can also read and import .iwb files which have been created from Smart Notebook or Promethean Software, Click hear to see how easy it is.

Presentation Tool Bar

Qwisdom Oktopus Tool Bar
Qwisdom Oktopus Tool Bar

Oktopus on-screen tool bar provided easy access to all the fantastic presentation and teaching tools on offer, to enable you to keep things simple, the Oktopus Tool bar enable you to easily add or remove an entire toolset by clicking on the toolset title.

Any toolsets which have been disabled will not show in the toolset list when the on-screen sidebar is in normal mode, this helps to keep the user interface clean, simple and clutter free by showing only the tools on display that you want to use.

This may be useful for corporate use or if you do not have any need for specific tool sets to be listed on the standard tool bar ie Voting, Maths etc.

BVS Ecotouch Interactive Screen for Business and Education

Share Your Content.

The Oktopus software for interactive touch screens will enhance classroom or boardroom collaboration. Presenters can instantly share content with meeting participants or students as they follow along on their personal devices such as iPads, Android Tablets, Laptops or Chromebooks, taking notes, answering questions and sharing annotations over the top of any live lesson. Click for more information.

Get Everyone Involved.

Qwizdom Oktopus software for interactive touch screens with Actionpoint comes packaged with a 2 Install Interactive Software License (1 for the classroom and 1 for the teacher home PC for preparation of lesson plans), plus a 5 User Collaboration & Voting License to use with iPads, Android Tablets or other student devices.

The standard 5 User Collaboration License can be upgraded to a Class Set (upto 40 users) at a very nominal cost.

Good To know..

Qwisdom Oktopus is Available in 42 languages, compatible with Windows and Mac and a full working, standard 2 install licensed version of Qwisdom Oktopus software is provided as standard with every BVS Touch Screen we install.

You can learn more about Qwisdom here

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